I am a Jedi! I am a Jedi!

About Me
I'm going to try to not bore you to death. If you know me you know my name... lets leave it at that since I know the internet is sketchy. (You can see my interests if you're REALLY interested in stalking me... but I'd advise you not to... don't make me go avada kedavra on your ass ;) )
I love Bjork. Obviously.
Favorite Things
I like sports and music, mainly. But I spend a lot of time traveling, internationally and within Canada. The hotel life is the life for me, basically. I spend way too much time on the computer. The media rocks, I don't care what society says! *snickers and leaves*
"Do something to make me hate you!"
"Um, go Hitler?"
- Rory & Lorelai Gilmore

"We should start a new network called BITCH TV!
.. or the next idea we come up with."
- Liz Lemon, 30 Rock
(Major credit to thevisual for making my header!)
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